My name is Lino Peverada. Creator and founder of PMFch SA, I come from Ticino and am passionate about mechanics. Here is how my project came to life…

My passion

Even when I was a little boy I loved the modularity and building of LEGO. When I was 25 years old, my brother asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Naturally, I told him I wanted a «Lego Technic». When I finished my apprenticeship as a mechanic, I moved to Fribourg to study at the Engineer School. After obtaining my diploma as a mechanical engineer, I worked during seven years in an international aerospace company. During this first work experience as an engineer, I met a very experienced mechanic that I shall name P.P.

In September 2008, P.P. gave me the idea of creating and commercialising a modular system using standard profiles. On that day I had a flashback and immediately thought back to the Lego Technic episode. After having considered it, I decided that it was a very good idea and that it deserved to be elaborated.

In the garage

During my free time between 2008 and 2012, I developed the product in a garage. I also built the machines and the tools that now allow PMF to be produced in Switzerland.

Those years were a tremendous apprenticeship in the field of mechanics. At first, I wasn’t really planning on creating a company, but it became obvious in 2012 when I realised how far along the concept had been developed.

The workshop in Neyruz

As time went by, I decided to rent a larger workshop which was more suitable for a start-up. It started out as an empty space, with no lighting or electrical connection, so I decided to get to work and started transformations. In September 2013 I founded the company PMFch SA, and today my motivation is still just as strong and I can now offer a brand new « Swiss Made » product.

The company in Marly

From a small garage to a warehouse, the company has now moved to a professional structure. In April 2016 we moved to the Marly Innovation Center (MIC) where the warm welcome we received made us feel at home straight away. This site is highly dynamic and innovative, which fits perfectly with our company’s vision.


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