About us

PMF buisness associates are mainly companies looking for a rapid assembly system compatible with the use of LEAN Manufacturing, 5s, Kaizen, etc.

Other associates include fitters or stand users, as well as architects, designers, contractors, caretakers, farmers, carpenters, shopping centres, hotels, congress centres, schools, municipalities, and private individuals. PMF products are adaptable to any private, public or industrial domain.

In order to meet market demands, the PMF team has used their experience and their technical knowledge  to develop great autonomy, rapid response and understanding of the client’s needs.

As we are a major reference for our clients in the field of assembly technology for all types of structures based on square tubes, PMF is capable of meeting your technical requirements by presenting optimal and flexible solutions.

PMF products offer a solution for any kind of inside or outside layout thanks to the « Swiss-Made » quality, minimalist aesthetics and an ingenious assembly that makes the job easier.

The longevity and the optimisation of product manufacturing, as well as our services, lead to a detailed planning and a concept that will allow application and integration into any type of environment.

There is no standard solution: solutions depends on the client’s needs, and therefore remain entirely original.

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